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3D printing of colorful buildings is no longer a single gray

3D printing of colorful buildings is no longer a single gray

In the process of realization of 3D printing building technology, the materials used are mostly concrete after special process treatment, so 3D printing building technology is also called 3D printing concrete technology.

This new application technology is produced by combining 3D printing technology with commercial concrete technology. Its main principle is to use computer to conduct 3D modeling and segmentation of concrete components to produce 3D information. Then, the prepared concrete mix is printed by extrusion nozzle according to the set program and through mechanical control. Finally, the concrete member is obtained. The 3D printing material "ink" used by Ying Chuang is a concrete material reinforced with special glass fiber, which is much stronger and longer in service than reinforced concrete.

Due to the nature of the materials, the 3D printed architectural products are mostly "gray", and the coloring is mostly manual painting of the exterior of the building in the later stage, which is also time-consuming.

Building exterior paint treatment effect

In order to pursue more process saving, more perfect 3D printing effect and meet the demand for color in more application fields, Winsun has been trying to break through the material -- to directly print colorful pictures like a color printer.

After continuous attempts, constantly adjust the ratio of materials, finally realized the direct play of brown, blue, yellow buildings.

3D printed colorful furniture

The breakthrough in color makes 3D printing building technology more possible and more diverse color choices in the field of building houses, municipal infrastructure, urban landscape sketches and other fields! No more manual processing later, color, special-shaped printing, one step in place, to achieve higher construction efficiency!

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