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3D printing of Mars migrant house, fast start!

3D printing of Mars migrant house, full throttle!

This is the second collaboration between Winsun and Serendix, a Japanese company, to 3D print the Mars settler house.

Serendix:Where unfathomable is possible

Serendix, a Japanese company that specializes in 3D printed orb homes, will begin developing a 100-square-meter home in 2023, 10 times the size of the smaller orb homes already on sale.

Serendix 3D printed small sphere home

Winsun is first collaboration with Serendix

The Mars Living Module, Japan's first 3D-printed home built by Serendix, won the Best Creative Award from the Japan Real Estate Association. The whole house is made of 17.6 tons of solid construction waste materials printed, an area of about 18 square meters, in line with all housing construction standards in Japan and Europe, with excellent sound insulation effect, and for typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters also have a strong resistance, security is very secure, suitable for camping cabins, holiday homes or disaster shelters.

Winsun large printer

Help realize 100 square meters of 3D printed housing

Serendix will set out to develop a 3D-printed house with a floor area of 100 square meters. Intron will be able to provide the equipment needed to make printing highly integrated and automated, requiring a large printer.

In November 2022, Winsun launched for the first time the newly developed large movable cantilever 3D printer, which is 12 meters long, 12 meters high and 12 meters arm span, greatly increasing the area and height of the 3D printing building.

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