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Hey! Friends, long time no see where are you? !

In our eyes, any technology is just a means, and 3D printing technology is a clever means. We use it to build a garden, a garden where we pass by and meet each other. In Hongqiao, a place where "connection" is the essence, we I believe that every encounter will give birth to surprises, just like rain, after rain, after all, brilliant flowers will be born.

Thank you for every encounter I have


With hazy anticipation and inexplicable excitement

Go on a journey, break the rules

And every unexpected encounter

It's like the breeze coming slowly, the spring rain is silent

Yingchuang uses innovative architectural 3D printing digital technology

Create a past encounter garden

With a view to Hongqiao, a place where "connection" is the essence

create a relationship

I would like to meet you unexpectedly in the sea of people

Create a more artistic landscape park


I feel hopeful because I know you

I hope that every time we meet, there will be a new look and new progress

Construction with architectural 3D printing digital technology

Create an urban public space that is artistic, landscaped, and beneficial to the people

Let more people truly know, experience and accept 3D printing

Let 3D printing develop better in various fields in the future

3D printing buildings, beyond your imagination!

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