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On December 19, Winsun loaded YC1804C (vehicle mobile cantilever printer) and 3D printing "ink" to Fuliang County, Jiangxi Province, assembled and debugged the equipment on site and started printing!

The project plans to use the standard section of the Biennale model house to build a restaurant of 400㎡, a living supermarket of 200㎡, a delivery room, etc., and use architectural 3D printing technology to complete the construction of the living area of the industrial park.

············································Biennale model room

The 2021 Beijing Urban Architecture Biennale 3D Printing Exhibition Hall was designed by Master Shao Weiping, deputy general manager of Beijing Architectural Design Institute and chief curator of the Biennale. Winsun participated in technology deepening and production printing. The project won the Beijing Sui Zhenjiang, deputy mayor of the city, highly recognized it. The products of more than 20 companies integrated in this 3D printing building product are the classic works of Yingchuang's decomposable, assembleable and movable cabins. The exhibition hall is assembled from 5 standard sections, one-click, diversified, and integrated wall printing, and the assembly method is convenient and efficient. In theory, the model room of the Biennale can be infinitely extended and assembled to create a 3D printed building with a large space. In terms of reducing building energy consumption, the exhibition hall is printed from 80% solid waste materials. At the same time, 3D printing technology is digitized, intelligent, and precisely controlled, which will not cause waste of materials and transportation of construction waste.

This kind of urban building with a sense of fashion, modernity and technology has multiple functions and uses, and can be used for business, office service center, temporary hospital, emergency command center, doctor's conference and consultation room, shared space for cultural and tourism scenic spots, homestay, etc.

····················································project progress

At present, the 3D printing products in progress in Fuliang County Automobile Supporting Industrial Park, Jingdezhen City are manufactured using this standard section. Two pieces have been completely completed, with a span of 8.5 meters, and they are now in the hoisting stage.

Winsun hopes to realize the infinite possibilities of 3D printing architecture, satisfy people's whimsical ideas about architecture, and show unique artistic charm and humanistic feelings. The practical application this time is not only another application of Yingchuang, but also 3D printing. Another practice of architecture!

Winsun will continue to track the progress of the project and deliver the latest information, so stay tuned!

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