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The colorful 3D printing architecture world opens, and the era of global big purchase and innovation comes

On the morning of May 24, 2020, the press conference of global 3D printing construction technology and product procurement of "Dream Road" of Yingchuang in 2020 was held in Shanghai Qingpu Yingchuang recycling industrial park. This is not only a drum to urge the country to return to work and production in an all-round way, but also a march to promote the transformation and upgrading of the real economy. Under the background of the fourth industrial revolution, Yingchuang 3D printing building technology has realized the intelligent remote management of buildings, the artificial intelligence and 3D printing of building equipment by combining the application of 5g, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, industrial Internet and other innovative technologies Big data analysis of new materials for printing construction ink, blockchain management of regeneration and recycling resources, and application of 3D printing construction globalization industrial Internet technology. This year, Yingchuang, together with the highway traffic environment research center of the Highway Science Research Institute of the Ministry of transport, Suzhou Waterway office, Suzhou Ring Expressway, wosarun and other units, has realized the application of 3D printing construction technology in traffic and water conservancy projects. This is another innovation in the field of "new infrastructure"! Yingchuang brings the sound barrier of waterway, riverbed and Expressway into the new economic era of 3D printing.

The China one belt, one road international think tank chairman, Zhao Baige, chairman of the twelve International Committee of the Chinese people's Congress Foreign Affairs Committee, chairman of the International Committee of experts, chairman of the International Committee of think-tank, Dr. Shao Shegang, deputy director of the center for highway traffic and environment research, Department of highway science, Ministry of transport, director of the Department of foreign direct investment, international trade department, UK, and the UK's office. Matt walker, Minister of government relations and international strategy of Sarun company, and partners of Yingchuang global 3D printing buildings in the United States, Australia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, the Middle East, etc., participated in the conference through remote video connection. Offline, "China UK 3D printing graphene application research and development center" was listed, and more than 200 domestic and foreign guests gathered together to experience and witness another opportunity for Yingchuang 3D printing building ecosystem in new infrastructure construction. Online interactive broadcast released Yingchuang's global 3D printing construction technology and product agent rights, jointly exploring and exploring a "dream color Success Road". A group of enterprises including Beijing wosarun Technology Co., Ltd., xiangban culture and tourism group, Jiangsu aofuneng Robot Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Yingchuang. They will carry out comprehensive cooperation in research and development of new materials, promotion of cultural tourism, and intelligent building.

During the press conference, there were two meetings. In the report on the work of the government at the third session of the 13th National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang stressed that we should strengthen the construction of new infrastructure, develop a new generation of information networks and expand 5g applications. This is a major strategic deployment made by the state for the "new infrastructure". At present, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are implementing the national major strategy of Yangtze River Delta integration, and national ministries and commissions are supporting the Yangtze River Delta to achieve higher quality integration development. Qingpu District of Shanghai and Suzhou Industrial Park of Jiangsu where Yingchuang is located are the demonstration areas of Yangtze River Delta integration. Zhao Baige, director of video link, said: "Yingchuang shoulders an important national mission and responsibility. We should not only do a good job in demonstrating the new infrastructure recycling industry in the demonstration area, but also conform to the general trend, give full play to our advantages, be a good pioneer in cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation, especially in the field of 3D printing construction, and make contributions to the rapid recovery and development of the national economy. "

In April 2020, for the first time, the Chinese government defined the scope of new infrastructure, including innovative infrastructure, which will become one of the new driving forces of social and economic development and help China's transformation and upgrading. The core of new infrastructure is digitalization. Focusing on the research and development of 3D printing buildings for 19 years, with more than 335 national patents and 46 invention patents, Yingchuang construction technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise that truly realizes 3D printing buildings in the world, is leading a disruptive change in the field of infrastructure through digital technology.

At the conference site, Yingchuang demonstrated the whole process of 3D printing infrastructure for all the guests, which was also the first public appearance of 3D printing construction technology in public view. Yingchuang adopts independently developed ink, through modeling, programming and computer control, it can print out infrastructure of various shapes in the shortest time. The 3D printing building not only reduces the construction difficulty, shortens the construction time, reduces the cost, but also greatly reduces the on-site construction personnel and improves the safety of the operation. In addition, it has many advantages, such as individuation, low-carbon energy saving, long service life and so on.

As early as 2018, Yingchuang put forward the concept of green circular industry of 3D printing buildings. The company has integrated five renewable and recyclable industries, such as urban construction, steel plant, coal chemical industry, power plant, desert sand, etc. after classified treatment and granular grinding, it has finally been proportioned into 3D printing building ink with independent intellectual property rights. The hardness of the printed wall is the lowest equivalent to that of traditional concrete C 30 walls, and through the environmental assessment of professional institutions, this material is environmentally friendly.

At the conference, Yingchuang showed the application scenarios of the latest four 3D printing technologies, and opened the global large procurement color mode.

3D printing ecological shoreline. In the traditional river restoration project, the hard revetment is usually constructed with concrete and prefabricated brick. The investment is large, the construction requirements and difficulties are high, and the construction process inevitably brings secondary pollution to the river water area. Yingchuang's innovative 3D printing technology has been applied to the construction of secondary revetment. The slope protection printed layer by layer is simple and convenient to install, the trapezoid structure is stable and firm, the wall still has an ecological cavity, which can meet the needs of aquatic habitat, and the top regular space is used for riverbank greening and planting to maintain the shoreline ecology. At present, the world's first 3D printing secondary revetment has landed in Jiangsu section of the Su Shen outer port line.

3D printing high speed sound barrier. With the development of traffic network, noise nuisance has become a social concern. The traditional sound barrier is made of laminated glass, acrylic transparent board, cement sawdust board and other materials, which has the disadvantages of long construction cycle, high capital demand, short service life and poor noise reduction effect. In 2019, Yingchuang, together with Suzhou Ring Expressway Co., Ltd., took the lead in launching a 70 meter 3D printing sound barrier pilot demonstration project at S58 Shanghai Changzhou expressway. According to the experience of building noise reduction and the situation of high-speed traffic around the city, Yingchuang prints the wall design as a uniform woven texture, with noise reduction of 30 decibels, 4-6 times of the traditional sound barrier. At the same time, Yingchuang is also in the sound barrier, prefabricated plant flowerpots, ecological noise reduction and improve the visual experience of drivers and passengers.

3D printing isolation ward. At the beginning of 2020, human beings encountered the strongest attack from virus in the past 20 years. In order to stop the epidemic, Yingchuang launched the 3D printing isolated house project in the shortest time, and quickly launched the project. Qianli rushed to Xianning, Huangshi, Dongying, Rizhao and other places in Hubei Province. One belt, one road, was donated to the 3D quarantine house in Pakistan and the United States in the early April as the global outbreak broke out. The isolation house is an independent unit, which can be put into use only by connecting the reserved power supply after transportation and hoisting. Multiple splices can be used as temporary hospitals. In addition, the 3D printed house can also be used as an emergency shelter in the event of a disaster, even as a home stay, guard room, art house and public toilet. Yingchuang 3D printing building can also be "rebuilt". Once it is no longer needed, it can be broken and recombined, and the building materials can be recycled and sustainable.

3D printing is the largest demonstration building in the world. The venue of this conference is in Yingchuang's own printing building. The 4-storey building covers an area of 3200 square meters. From the foundation to the wall to the beam, slab and column, the whole construction process is completed by 3D printing on site. Compared with the traditional construction method, only the foundation link can be free of excavation, clearing and transportation, sloping and backfilling. In terms of labor, only the steel workers, tile workers and hydropower workers are needed. The number of people is reduced from the traditional 200 to only 9. Yingchuang company, located in Qingpu, has a 3D printing building complex, including four story buildings, with a total building area of about 44000 square meters. It will become a sample of the green recycling industry of 3D printing buildings in the industry.

Ma Yihe, chairman of Yingchuang construction technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said at the conference that transportation construction, urban community renewal, beautiful rural construction, and solid waste recycling will become an important field for the company in the future. In the near future, it will be seen that 3D printing buildings will be widely used in municipal, water conservancy, road, construction, underground and other engineering construction, promote the green upgrading and transformation of traditional Chinese manufacturing industry, and use science and technology to empower the industry, manage the environment, improve the ecology and create value. In order to achieve this goal, Yingchuang will build three bases——

Yingchuang 3D printing building and ink circulation industrial base. The base will carry out specialized and distributed processing of industry, city, architecture, decoration, life and various renewable and recyclable resources generated by local engineering construction, produce printing ink for high-tech 3D buildings, realize ecological recycling, and effectively solve the two world-class development problems of "resource shortage" and "ecological environmental protection".

Yingchuang 3D printing building and equipment manufacturing industrial base. This base includes the R & D center and manufacturing base of 3D printing construction equipment, the demonstration center integrating offline experience, commerce, warehousing and logistics, and the industrial Internet data integration service platform. The base will become the transformation accelerator of traditional enterprises, the technology incubator of scientific and technological enterprises, and together with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, build an industrial sharing symbiosis system.

3D printing building application base. Through the technology license of Yingchuang and the win-win cooperation of the enterprise, Yingchuang exports its brand, technology, equipment, management system, etc. to its partners, and makes use of the independently developed 3D printing building technology and resources to jointly invest and build the production and manufacturing base of the 3D printing building with its partners, so as to provide the construction resources and guarantee for the development projects of the partners, including: the production, manufacturing and engineering projects of the factory and products Project construction and installation, complete technical support and application training, complete production process, construction process, technical data package and a series of use rights, as well as remote technical consultation, on-site expert guidance and other full range technical consultation services.

"The way to benefit is to walk with the times." this is a saying in the ancient Chinese book of changes. It is said that the way to benefit is achieved by the cooperation of wind and thunder. The world is going through a great change that hasn't happened in a century. Human beings are also in an era of endless challenges and increasing risks. The rapid application of 3D printing construction technology in the world is the benefit of sharing governance, interconnection, mutual help and advancing with the times.

Innovation drives development and technology leads the future. One is huge investment and demand, the other is constantly upgrading new technology. New infrastructure is an important support point to cope with the downward pressure of the economy. It is no longer simply to build roads, bridges and houses, but to practice the new development concept and promote the implementation of digital technology in a new scene. Yingchuang construction technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will use 3D printing construction technology to make bold innovation and practice in the field of new infrastructure, and make every effort to build a big country and a heavy weapon. The colorful 3D printing architecture world opens, and the era of global large-scale purchase and innovation comes,

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