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Yingchuang 3D printing building technology calls for infrastructure innovation

China News (Xia Xiangyang report) as we all know, no matter in appearance and quality, or efficiency and cost, the printed matter produced by the printing system under the command of computer is incomparable to the traditional production method. With the development of social technology, manufacturing industry, construction industry, service industry and other major industries have put forward requirements, hoping that their output can also be as simple and efficient as computer-generated printing. Is there any way worth exploring? The answer is yes. By combining the application of 5g, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, industrial Internet and other innovative technologies with Yingchuang's 3D building printing technology, we can realize the intelligent remote management of buildings, and even the application of the global industrial Internet technology of buildings, and become a new power to help China's economic and social transformation and upgrading.

It is understood that the application of this technology has made the sound barrier of waterway, riverbed and expressway in some areas of China stride into the new economic era of 3D printing. At present, through the joint exploration and research of major technology developers, Yingchuang construction technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and road traffic environment research center of Road Science Research Institute of the Ministry of transport, Suzhou Waterway office, Suzhou Ring Expressway, wosarun and other units, 3D printing construction technology has been successfully applied in China's traffic and water conservancy projects. As the "ink" used in 3D printing comes from the recycling treatment of solid waste in the urban production department, it has the social effects of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection while greatly improving the production capacity and efficiency, and has good social and economic benefits.

"3D printing has a huge advantage of fast speed and less people. At present, we are further researching and developing in the global scope, applying big data, realizing remote control equipment through "5g" technology, and opening up the entire industrial chain! "At the annual conference of Yingchuang held recently, Ma Yi, the founder and chairman of Yingchuang technology, was confident in looking forward to the future. "As long as you describe what you want, the system will automatically generate and deliver the feasibility plan to you. All the printing equipment in the system can make the scheme into a real object to realize sharing ecology. As a new technology, there are also bottlenecks of imperfect industry standards and low visibility, but they can not hinder our development. " Said Ma Yihe.

According to reports, the central government stressed in the report on the work of the government at the third session of the 13th National People's Congress that we should strengthen the construction of new infrastructure, develop a new generation of information networks and expand 5g applications. This is a major strategic deployment made by the state for the "new infrastructure". At present, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are striving to promote the integration development of Yangtze River Delta with higher quality. "Yingchuang shoulders an important national mission and responsibility. We should not only do a good job in the demonstration of the new infrastructure recycling industry in the Yangtze River Delta integrated demonstration area, but also conform to the general trend, give full play to our advantages, be a good pioneer in the frontier scientific and technological innovation, especially in the field of 3D printing construction, and make contributions to the rapid recovery and development of the national economy. " China's one belt, one road international think tank, chairman of the twelve National People's Congress Foreign Affairs Committee, Dr. Zhao Baige encouraged this.

Innovation drives development and technology leads the future. One is huge investment and demand, the other is constantly upgrading new technology. New infrastructure is an important support point to cope with the downward pressure of the economy. Nowadays, urban infrastructure construction is no longer a simple road construction, bridge construction and house building, but a new concept of development and a new scene of digital technology implementation. In the future, Yingchuang will make bold innovation and practice in the field of new infrastructure by using 3D printing construction technology, and strive to build a big country and a heavy weapon, opening a colorful 3D printing construction world.

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