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Help new infrastructure Yingchuang speed up the construction of 3D printing building ecosystem

On May 24, the 2020 Yingchuang "Dream Road" global 3D printing building technology and product purchase press conference was held in Yingchuang recycling industrial park, Qingpu, Shanghai. The online and offline linkage mode was adopted to connect partners in the United States, Australia, Mexico, etc. on the spot, and the "China UK 3D printing graphene application research and development center" was established. More than 200 guests from domestic and foreign merchants gathered together Experience and witness the layout of Yingchuang 3D printing building ecosystem in new infrastructure.

Ma Yihe, chairman of Yingchuang construction technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Yingchuang construction technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development of 3D printing architecture for 19 years, with more than 335 national patents and 46 invention patents. It uses self-developed ink, through modeling, programming and computer control, it can print out various shapes of infrastructure in a short time. 3D printing building not only reduces the construction difficulty, shortens the construction time and reduces the cost, but also greatly reduces the on-site construction personnel and improves the safety of the operation. It also has the advantages of personalization, low-carbon energy saving, long service life and other advantages, with good social and economic benefits.

At the conference site, Yingchuang showed the guests four application scenarios of the latest 3D printing technology, including 3D printing ecological shoreline, high-speed sound barrier, isolation ward and demonstration building. Among them, the venue of this conference is in Yingchuang's own printing building. The 4-storey building covers an area of 3200 square meters. From the foundation to the wall to the beam, slab and column, the whole construction process is completed by 3D printing on site. Compared with the traditional construction method, only the foundation link can achieve excavation free, transportation free, slope free, backfilling free, and so on. In terms of labor, only the steel workers, tile workers, and hydropower workers are needed. The number of people is reduced from the traditional 200 people to only 9 people, which will become a sample of the green cycle industry of 3D printing in the industry.

Ma Yihe, chairman of Yingchuang construction technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said at the conference that transportation construction, urban community renewal, beautiful rural construction, and solid waste recycling will become an important field for the company in the future. In the near future, it will be seen that 3D printing buildings will be widely used in municipal, water conservancy, road, construction, underground and other engineering construction, promote the green upgrading and transformation of traditional Chinese manufacturing industry, and use science and technology to empower the industry, manage the environment, improve the ecology and create value.

Through the application of 5g, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, industrial Internet and other innovative technologies, Yingchuang 3D printing building technology has realized intelligent remote management of buildings, artificial intelligence of 3D printing building equipment, big data analysis of new materials of 3D printing building ink, blockchain management of regeneration and recycling resources, and global industrial interaction of 3D printing buildings Application of networking technology. This year, Yingchuang, together with the highway traffic environment research center of the Highway Science Research Institute of the Ministry of transport, Suzhou Waterway office, Suzhou Ring Expressway, wosarun and other units, has realized the application of 3D printing construction technology in traffic and water conservancy projects. This is another innovation in the field of "new infrastructure". Yingchuang helps the sound barrier of waterway, riverbed and expressway enter the new economic era of 3D printing.

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