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[China Report] Yingchuang 3D Printed Isolation House Assists Hubei to Start "War Epidemic"

China report (Xia Xiangyang report) Since the severe outbreak of pneumococcal infection of the new type of coronavirus in the Spring Festival this year, the effort to win this outbreak has been strongly supported by departments and enterprises at all levels including Shanghai. response. On February 11th, 15 3D printed isolation houses were slowly hoisted in Shanghai's 3D printing high-tech enterprise and Yingchuang Construction Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Qingpu factory, and then set off after loading the car. They were transported to the Central Hospital of Xianning, Hubei Province, in an effort to resolve the immediate needs of frontline health care workers and patients at a critical time in the fight against the epidemic.

According to reports, the donation of 15 isolated houses in Hubei this time was formerly a 3D printed shared house independently designed and developed by Yingchuang Technology. This building uses 3D printing technology. The wall is integrated with the hollow grid, with an area of about 10 square meters and a height of 2.8 meters. It adopts a shell structure and integrated printing molding. The overall force is uniform, wind and earthquake resistance, and it has thermal insulation. Thermal effect, daily output can reach 100 sets. It has a bedroom and bathroom. In addition to special circumstances, it can be converted into an isolated refuge house, a care room, and it can also be applied to parks, homesteads, own land, villas, parks, tourist attractions, and resort beaches.

"This exquisite and exquisite hut can also be printed in different colors and different textures according to local conditions. It is integrated with the surrounding environment. It has a simple structure and high strength. It is extremely convenient to transport and hoist. . At the same time, we have also launched 3D printed bubble houses and sky-up houses, which can be used for the protection of epidemic areas. "

"One hundred sets of protective clothing donated by Yingchuang Technology to Yuhang District, Hangzhou, where the epidemic situation is also severe, have been delivered to the hands of medical staff on the 10th. The meager power is not enough, but we will be able to overcome the difficulties together with the sand! Yingchuang Technology said that at the time of fighting against the epidemic in the era of consensus, Yingchuang also called for national and global corporate social groups and individuals to work together with Yingchuang to make a substantial contribution to the "anti-epidemic" war. Contributions, allowing 3D printed buildings to play a greater role in fighting the epidemic.

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