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Yingchuang to provide 3D printed lounges for frontline medical staff


Is the greatest retrograde this Spring Festival

Thousands of medical staff

Fight against new crown pneumonia epidemic

They press their red fingerprint

Make a vow

"If there is war, the call will be returned, and the war will be won."


Is the strongest barrier for hundreds of millions of Chinese

Millions of medical staff

Facing the new coronavirus

Facing difficulties and taking the initiative

"No pay, no matter life or death"


Is our most concerned person

February 13, 2020


The first donated isolation houses

Put into use in Xianning Central Hospital of Hubei


3D printed mobile homes will be further optimized

Rugged, airtight, warm and convenient

Committed to Frontline Healthcare Workers

Provide rest rooms, isolated observation rooms

in case

Dedicated rest room, isolated observation room

Can give medical staff a sense of security,

Yingchuang has the ability

I am honored to print a house for medical staff

Here, Yingchuang said

We are willing

Can be the most beautiful retrograde

Provide 3D printed rest houses and isolated observation houses

"If there is a demand, it must be printed, and it must be sent."

-Gather sand into towers,

Yingchuang recruits charity partners-

A special time to fight the epidemic in a community

Yingchuang also called

National and global corporate social groups and individuals

Join forces with Yingchuang to make a substantial contribution to the "anti-epidemic" war

Let 3D print buildings

Play a greater role in fighting the epidemic

Our negotiation contact is

Mr. Cao 13761147603

Mr. Zhu 15021225469



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