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3D printing architecture explores industrialization

The domestic famous 3D printing enterprise, Yingchuang Building Technique ( Shanghai ) Co.,Ltd announced to cooperate with Zhejiang Jiayuan Real Estate Group to build 3D printing architecture demonstrate enterprise together. Jiayuan & Winsun Technology Development Co.,Ltd specializing in the promotion and application of 3D printing architecture technology. Industry insiders say that the 3D printing building is taking the step of "industrialization".

August 23th this year, the housing department issued “ 2016-2020 outline of informatization development of construction industry”. In this paper, the research on 3D printing equipment and materials of the construction industry is put forward, and the application of 3D printing technology in construction department and component production is explored. Miao Zhile, vice President of China real estate association, said that “ This means the recognition and promotion of 3D printing construction technology at the national level.”

The 3D printing architecture is a new architectural style, and one of the highlights is the ability to reuse the construction waste. Besides, compared with traditional construction industry, 3D printing architecture also helps to save cost, improve building efficiency and meet user's personalized needs.

Chen Sheng, dean of China real estate data institute, 3D printing will be a disruptive revolution for real estate. In the future, customers can not only customize the home, but also customize the personalized house, print all kinds of special-shaped components, and make a design drawing of one suite. The building in the community, on the basis of maintaining style coordination, does not have to be the same.

In most people's minds, 3D printing exists only in high-tech fields. But with 3D printing more perfect of architectural technology, especially the 3D printing the successful application of construction technology in the construction industry, the change of building 3D printing technology leading industry is expected to become the direction of construction and real estate industry in the future.

Gu Yuncang, president of national association of real estate Chambers, said that China's real estate industry is moving from the "golden age" to the "silver age". The developer should shift from the previous "opportunity dividend" to the technology dividend, operating bonus, etc., among which 3D printing is one of the technical dividends.

“ In the next five years, 3D printing architecture technology is expected to replace traditional construction methods. President Ma said: “ With the increase of labor cost and the improvement of consumers' demand for personalization, 3D printing technology is expected to be adopted in many buildings in the future.”

It is worth noting that there is no clear national standard for 3D printing of architectural technology. To this, president Ma said, 3D printing construction involves the property security, safety, and many other aspects, in the case of the current lack of national standards, the enterprise will be strictly in accordance with national standards for existing buildings.

“ At present, 3D printing construction technology has achieved some results, but there are many problems to be solved in the future. The industry can gradually promoted and improved. from small to big, from easy to difficult.“ 

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