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The Swedish bank headquarters / 3XN architectural firm

The Swedish bank's headquarters building, designed by 3XN, creatively interprets the core values of the institution; Openness, simplicity and care are all reflected in the modern office space, while the project emphasizes transparency, Scandinavian simplicity and dynamic social environment. Therefore, the building is based on the property of the bank of Sweden, which is based on the behavior of 3XN and the interpretation of architectural philosophy as a stable, financially strong and modern bank.

Elegant 3V structure

The main body of the building is composed of three folded v-shaped structures, breaking the volume and creating a pleasant public environment inside and around the new headquarters building of the bank of Sweden. The first and most important significance of the design scheme is that the undisturbed independent work space replaces the traditional office building wing and brings the staff closer together. This helps to shorten the distance, enhance internal communication and promote the visual connection and knowledge sharing between departments. The location of the outdoor court strengthens the bank's extroversion, introduces daylight, and offers a view of the outdoors from the office. At the same time, the overall area of smaller buildings was created to reduce energy consumption.

The open footbridge on each floor elevated through the vestibule to connect the v-shaped brackets. They not only serve as an indoor shortcut and extra office space, but also provide visual contact and give the floors a variety of changes. As a result, openness has become a feature of the office floor, while the changing space design has ensured a healthy working environment and a clear and pleasant space in a large building.

Three lightweight v-shaped structures broke the volume and created a pleasant public environment inside and around the new headquarters of the Swedish bank. The lowest two floors contain restaurants, conference facilities and reception areas, and the glass facade emphasizes its semi-public project function, opening the bank to the surrounding environment.

Architecture that promotes interaction and visual contact

Inside the building, two sculptural spiral staircases form the center of the building where visitors and employees meet. Stair design is easy to use, as a kind of building means to enhance interactive and visual contact and provide the opportunity to see the building from different views.

The three v-shaped structures, which contain seven floors of office buildings, are built on the lowest two floors, creating a semi-covered porch and extending over the base. The differences in the facade complement the arrangement of the functional units and decorate the vertical surface to a more compact geometry.

The trading floor, as the heart of the building, is located directly above the public area. The high ceilings of trading floors contrast with the tight interior space.

Other office floors are on the cutting edge of the v-shaped structure, with an open design that looks like an island of desks. And service facilities are clustered along the central axis of the building. The axis provides a natural corridor, which is the shortest route throughout the building, and naturally divides into smaller Spaces to form "house in the house". By focusing the small kitchen, wardrobe, and lounge on the axis, informal gatherings and discussion Spaces have been created. 

The office contains three types of office environment: traditional fixed office space; a number of flexible use of office units and a range of out-of-the-box space for visiting scholar temporary workstations, used as a quick informal team meeting. Flexible interior spaces allow buildings to operate efficiently throughout the day, ensuring optimum facilities and meeting changing professional and social requirements.

The building also has three rooftop platforms, which provide the Swedish bank employees with a recreational area with a wonderful view. 

The Swedish bank's sustainable strategy is ambitious. The new headquarters is certified by Sweden's sustainable rating system. This is a support for the core value of the Swedish bank and extends to social sustainability.

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