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Sina: Global first 3D printing architecture demonstration enterprise formally opened

On the afternoon of Nov.19, “ 3D printing creates future —— Jiayuan & Winsun comprehensive strategic cooperation conference” was held in Suzhou. Zhejiang Jiayuan Real Estate Group formally reaches cooperation with Yingchuang Building Technique ( Shanghai ) Co.Ltd to establish Jiayuan & Yingchuang Technology Development Co.,Ltd, the global first 3D printing architecture demonstration enterprise. The launch of Jiayuan & Winsun marked the important step of "industrialization" of 3D printing construction technology.

The two parties agree that Jiayuan group will cooperate closely with Winsun in the technology research and development and market application of 3D printing architecture in the future. The newly established Jiayuan & Winsun will devote itself to the application of 3D printing construction technology in real estate. On the one hand, the company will intensify the research efforts in the early stage to promote the evolution of the building technology from handicraft to digital technology, and change "real estate manufacturing" into "real estate intelligence". On the other hand, the two sides will further expand the applicable scope, 3D printing construction technology at home and abroad together in municipal engineering, industrial park, real estate projects, cultural tourism, medical and pension, improve the social and economic benefits of 3D printing construction technology and comprehensively promote the arrival of the "4.0 Times of Real Estate".

One important cost of the traditional real estate industry is the construction cost. According to the calculation, the construction technology of 3D printing can save 30% to 60% of the construction materials, 50% to 70% of the construction period, 50% to 80% of labor saving, and at least 50% of the overall construction cost. Jiayuan Group is the top 40 enterprises in China Real Estate industry. Through 21 years development by building "the fourth generation product, four series, five characteristic family" system, the company has been recognized by the industry, and has been ranked among the top 40 brands of Chinese real estate development enterprises, with a value of 6.415 billion yuan. The vision of Jiayuan & Winsun is to become the leader of global 3D printing architecture. 

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