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Landi international think tank met H.E. Mr. Grzegorz Czelej, Deputy Senate of Poland

Landi international think tank is a new type of international think tank platform, whichi was established in April, 2015, gathered resources from political parties, governments, parliaments, official think tanks, social think tanks, enterprise industry, financial insurance, international organizations, social organizations and media organizations, aiming to promote the development of international key project. On Mar.6, 2017, Dr.Zhao Baige, Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, Deputy Director-General of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, expert of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Landi International think tank, met Grzegorz Czelej, Deputy Senate of Poland.

Director Zhao said that Poland is an important member of the EU and an important member of China's 16+1 cooperation. We hope that Poland will continue to play an active role in promoting China-EU cooperation and China-CEEC cooperation. President Xi Jinping visited Poland in 2016 to elevate bilateral relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership. Zhao baige hopes to carry out pragmatic cooperation with Poland, actively implement the consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, promote the construction of "One Belt And One Road" and promote the in-depth development of China-Poland relations.

Director Zhao said that Landi international think tank focuses on "One Belt And One Road" construction, which is the international resource integration platform and international talent pool platform for One Belt And One Road service. Landi international think tank insists on demand orientation, results-oriented, project-oriented and practical project cooperation. At present, the Landi platform brings together nearly 300 member companies, all of which are influential industry leading enterprises at home and abroad.

Deputy Senate Grzegorz Czelej said that "One Belt And One Road" has brought many opportunities to polish development. The polish parliament is ready to help deepen bilateral cooperation in all areas. Grzegorz Czelej highly recognized the working mode of Landi international think tank, and was willing to work with Landi international think tank to promote the cooperation between China and Poland under the "One Belt And One Road" framework. The two sides have conducted in-depth discussions on high-end manufacturing, biomedicine, new energy, 3D printing construction technology, and china-poland industrial cooperation demonstration area and reached preliminary consensus on part of project scheme. 

Director Zhao gave a China famous calligraphy work “ as good as water”, representing “soft power is the strongest power”. We hope that the two sides will build on the spirit of "pragmatism, inclusiveness and firmness" and build on the strength of all parties and promote the cooperation of "One Belt And One Road". Tadeusz Chomicki, Poland's former ambassador to China, Hu Xiongzhe, representative of landi international think tank platform and Co-president of the European business association of France, participated in the meeting. 

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