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Zhejiang will push forward the assembly building!( Yingchuang 3D printing architecture has 100% assembly rate

From Zhejiang Iot industry association (ID:zj-iot)

 Zhejiang government 〔2016〕No.111

The people's governments of cities, counties (cities and districts), the provincial governments directly belong to each unit:

To implement the decision-making and deployment of CPC central committee and provincial government and the spirit of the municipal work conference of the provincial committee, implementation opinions, aiming to vigorously promote the development of green buildings and the modernization of the construction industry, is proposed here by the approval of Zhejiang government, according to the opinions of the central committee of the communist party of China on the further strengthening of the management of urban planning and construction (China issue [2016] no. 6) and the requirements of the green building ordinance of zhejiang province.

Primary target

1. Achieve full coverage of green buildings. In accordance with applicable, economical, green and beautiful building guidelines, further enhance the use of buildings and energy saving, water-saving, festival, material and environmental protection. By 2020, it will be fully covered by a one-star green building in the provincial towns and cities, with more than 10% of the two-star green buildings.

2. Improved assembly building coverage. The government investment project comprehensively applied the construction of the assembly technology, and the construction of affordable housing project was fully assembled. In 2016, the construction area of newly built projects in the whole province reached more than 8 million square meters, of which the assembly type residential buildings and public buildings (excluding venue buildings) reached more than 3 million square meters. From January 1, 2017, the new projects in the central urban areas of Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing will be constructed assembly. By 2020, the proportion of newly constructed buildings will reach 30%.

3.Achieve new constructed house full of coverage. From October 1, 2016, new residential buildings in cities and counties in the whole province will be transferred or allocated to the land, all of which will be fully renovated and finished, and the construction of residential buildings will be encouraged to be fully renovated.

Main task

1. Formulating industrial development plans. Compiling the 13th five-year plan for the construction industry of Zhejiang province. Cities and counties should work in the planning and preparation of green building projects in accordance with the guidelines for the development of green buildings in zhejiang province, rationally determine the overall development goals and technological paths of the city, county (city) green buildings and construction industrialization, demarcated green building development goals management zoning and policy unit, and define the target management division two, three-star green building area percentage of new civil structures, prefabricated buildings and residential whole decorate a key to implement the target requirements such as area, and the policy unit level of green building, all kinds of prefabricated construction and residential decoration requirements in new projects such as control index. After the completion of the special planning for green building, the implementation will be promulgated by the government of this level. Each district should complete the planning of green building by the end of 2016. The counties (cities) shall complete the project by the end of June 2017.

2. Strengthen production capacity building. Counties and cities should actively promote the construction of industrial bases in construction, optimize the layout of the productive forces, and form the production capacity of components that are adapted to the development of the construction industry. To give full play to the lead role of design, the assembly structure technology system is adopted actively in architectural design. To improve the application capacity of building information model (BIM) of survey and design personnel. And to continuously improve the application level of architectural design, and realize the design depth to meet the requirements of factory production and assembly construction. Promote the integration of civil engineering, decoration design and construction, and the integration of kitchen and bathroom installation, promote the assembly decoration technology and products, and realize the industrialization integration of interior decoration. Give play to the role of industry association, perfect the industry chain and develop equipment manufacturing, logistics, green building materials, construction machinery, renewable energy and other related industries, and gather a batch of products and key enterprises with independent intellectual property rights of the brand. 

3. Ensure the construction of the project. According to the special planning and target mission requirements of green buildings, the annual implementation plan of the assembly building and the home decoration project shall be formulated and reported to the provincial construction department for the record. Counties and cities should strengthen the supervision and management of the assembly buildings and the overall decoration projects, establish and improve the system of dynamic supervision and industry statistics, establish project files and accounts, and realize information management.The special planning and control index of green building plan explicitly calls for the implementation of the new project of the assembly construction and the home decoration. Department responsible for the development and reform, construction, and planning the departments of land and resources should strictly control the issues of land transfer, planning and approval, construction design scheme review, construction permit and acceptance inspection, and implement all construction requirements. 

4. Improve the technical support system.

Perfect green building standards system, accelerate the prefabricated construction, housing decoration and BIM related technique standard of work, and timely release, meet the requirement of part component design, production, construction and acceptance. Make or adjust the prefabricated building and BIM technology application supplementary pricing basis in time. Give full play to the role of the committee of experts on building industrialization at all levels, and carry out consultation services such as technical review, evaluation and demonstration of construction industrialization.The assembly building shall be determined according to the guidelines for the evaluation of industrial buildings.

5. Promoting the integration of renewable energy buildings. New civil buildings shall be implemented in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the state and province, and the application of renewable energy construction shall be implemented.The scale of its application should meet the requirements of the standard for the application of renewable energy for civil buildings in the province of China (DB 33/1105-2014). The equipment of the renewable energy building should be integrated with the main body of the building and maintain a harmonious and beautiful environment with the main body and surrounding environment. If the equipment of renewable energy building is set up in the flat roof, the building components such as the "women's wall" shall be used to properly cover the buildings. In the case of slope roofing, the facilities and equipment such as water tank that are not subject to solar radiation requirement should be hidden, and the collector and photovoltaic panel should be integrated with the slope roof. The design and construction of all kinds of renewable energy building applications shall conform to the requirements of mandatory standards for relevant construction projects and ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

6. Promote steel structure building. The industrial agglomeration advantage of the steel structure of our province is used to promote the application of steel structure, and accelerate the integration and development of prefabricated concrete buildings and steel structure buildings. Actively promote the development of steel structure housing, make the government investment in public buildings, as well as monomer building area of more than 20000 square meters of the airport, station, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings and other large public buildings the comprehensive application of steel structure. The construction of agricultural housing of light steel structure was promoted in an orderly manner. Promote the wide application of steel structure in industrial buildings and municipal transportation infrastructure. Actively promote the construction of steel structure industry base and form an industrial cluster with a certain scale of construction steel structure. Improve the overall contracting capacity of steel structure enterprises and realize the transformation from professional contractors to system integrators. Accelerate the establishment of the local technical standard system for steel structure construction and the pricing basis of the project, and promote the industrialization and scale of the steel structure.

7. Strengthening quality and safety management. Establish a quality safety guarantee system for all decoration construction and residential buildings; Strengthen the responsibility for quality and safety of enterprises and ensure the quality of life. Strict quality and safety supervision; Strengthen the construction site quality and safety management of prefabricated buildings and residential buildings. Strengthen the whole process quality management of the component parts, and establish the whole process of Internet of things management information system; Implement the whole process quality tracking, positioning, maintenance and responsibility traceability. Establish and improve the system of quality inspection of component parts and inspection of construction and installation process. Promote prefabricated building, quality guarantee and insurance for finished residential buildings, and the system of third-party supervision and pre-property intervention management; Encourage the purchase of insurance products and services in various forms and improve the compensation mechanism for the quality of projects.

8. Extend pilot demonstration. Promote the construction of demonstration cities of construction industrialization, the construction of a strong city (county) will be the first to build a demonstration city of provincial-level building industrialization. Cities and counties should promote the construction of demonstration bases for building industrialization in a planned way, make overall plans and arrangements, implement policies and measures to promote industrial agglomeration and development. Counties and city should select a number of typical projects that can be copied and copied, and carry out the construction of demonstration projects of building industrialization in a comprehensive manner aiming at government investment projects and combine with beautiful livable demonstration village construction in our province and the provincial housing design landing pilot work to promote the construction of rural housing shall transform the prefabricated building pilot implementation and application of renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic (PV). Promote the construction of a demonstration enterprise for building industrialization;  Focus on fostering a number of enterprises with high innovation capacity, high level of industrialization and information technology, production of component parts and construction enterprises.

Policy support

1. Strengthen land use guarantee. According to the area specified in the construction land plan each year, the target of special land will be arranged to ensure the construction land of the industrial base of the building (industrial park). Cities and counties should give priority to those construction industrial base land listed in the key project.

2. Strengthen financial support. Provincial financial integrated government related special funds to support construction industrialization. Governments around the country should invest more in building industrialization, integrate government-related special funds, and focus on supporting the construction of industrial technologies, bases and assembly buildings. Rural residential village or continuous reconstruction projects which meet the assembly building requirements will be given the subsidy not exceeding 10% of the construction cost. The specific subsidy standard shall be formulated by the municipal government. For the use of prefabricated wall parts in the assembly building projects, the new wall materials shall be regarded as the new wall materials, which shall be the sign of withdrawal. If the building use solar energy, shallow geothermal energy and air energy, the construction unit may apply for the grant of project funds in accordance with relevant regulations of the state and province.

3. Increase financial support. Using the housing provident fund loan to purchase the commercial housing of the assembly building, the loan amount of the provident fund can be up to 20%, and the specific proportion is determined by the local governments. Purchasers of finished home can determine the loan amount according to the total price of the completed residence. Self-construction of farmers that implement assembly house will be given support in personal loan service or loan interest rate.

4. Tax benefit. Encourage and support enterprises, institutions of higher learning and research and development institutions to develop new technologies, technologies, materials and equipment for green building. The development of new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment for the development of green buildings can be paid for in accordance with relevant regulations of the state. support the qualified conditions shall declare the high-tech enterprises, and after the determination, they shall enjoy the corresponding preferential tax policies according to the regulations. For assembly building projects, the quality margin paid by the construction enterprise shall be deducted from the total contract price of the prefabricated component as the base multiplied by the 2% rate. The construction unit pays the residential property guarantee for the property construction installation total cost deduction prefabricated component total price as the base multiplied by the 2% rate plan. 

5. Encourage project application. construction area) does not account for the volume rate of the transaction block, which meets the commercial housing project required by the assembly building. At the same time satisfy the requirement of prefabricated construction and residential decoration commodity house project, prefabricated wall body part of the building area (not planning a total construction area of more than 5%) clinch a deal is not included in the plot of the volume rate calculation, the specific measures shall be separately formulated by the local governments; The building area that uses the wall insulation technology to increase is not included in the building area of the volume rate accounting; Residential buildings are used for heating and cooling of the ground source heat pump, and the heating and cooling system can carry out the electricity price of the residents peak valley.

6. Carry out project general contracting. The assembly construction project should adopt project general contracting mode with a integration in design, production and construction. An assembly building project that must be tendered in accordance with the law. Only a few of the construction enterprises that build industrial production can undertake construction, in accordance with the provisions permitted to use inviting tendering. An assembly building that requires a patent or a complete set of prefabricated construction techniques may not be tendered in accordance with the law according to  the regulations of the People's Republic of China on the implementation of the regulations.

7.Optimize approval service. Commercial housing project, which meets the requirements of the assembly building and obtain the right to use the land in the way of transfer, and obtains the land use certificate and construction project planning license, and the capital invested in the development and construction of the project shall reach more than 25% of the total investment in the construction project, or the basic project shall meet the standard of positive and negative zero, and the construction schedule and the completion date shall be determined, can apply to the local real estate management department for pre-sale registration, get the commercial housing pre-sale license in case of construction progress and completion date of delivery, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations. When dealing with the commercial housing pre-sale license, the prefabricated component investment shall be allowed to be included in the total investment of the project, which shall be included in the progress measure. The construction unit may apply for the subsection acceptance of the main structure for the assembly building above 10-story.

The assembly buildings referred to in the above policy support refer to the assembly houses and public buildings without the venue buildings.

Safeguard measures

1. Strengthen organizational leadership. Establish the coordination and promotion work mechanism led by the provincial construction department and the relevant units of the provincial level. Promote the development of prefabricated buildings and residential buildings. Carry out the responsibilities of provincial development and reform commission, provincial committee of science and technology, provincial science and technology department, provincial finance department, provincial department of land and resources, provincial construction hall, and provincial quality supervision bureau. The provincial construction department should promptly formulate the demonstration cities, enterprises, bases and project identification methods for provincial construction industrialization, and the whole decoration design and acceptance standards of the residential buildings. Cities and counties should clearly define the division of responsibilities, break down the responsibilities, formulate policies and support policies to ensure the completion of work tasks.

2. Strengthen inspection and supervision.  Increase the assessment of the work of the industrialization of the construction industry, and issue annual work responsibility books every year to carry out the special inspection. Governments at all levels should develop green building technologies and promote the industrialization of construction as accelerating the construction of modern cities and earnestly implement the responsibilities of the parties. 

3. Strengthen personnel training. Actively explore and establish the mechanism for introducing and cultivating the industrial talents of the building, and strengthen the training and reserve of senior management personnel. Relevant universities should combine practical courses to speed up the training of high-end talents in the construction industry. Carry out the classification training for the relevant personnel of the construction industrial enterprises and management departments, and cultivate practical technical personnel of construction industrialization. Relying on the pilot, demonstration project, train talents with relevant skills by the internal training of enterprises.

4. Enhance publicity and promotion. Establish the combination of the government, the media, enterprises and the public promotion mechanism; Organize regular promotional activities; Strengthen the exchanges and cooperation; Promote the high quality, honest and assured technology, products and enterprises to the society; Raise public awareness and recognition of green buildings, prefabricated buildings and finished homes.

This opinion will be effective from October 1, 2016 and is valid until December 31, 2020.

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