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The world's first structural integration 3D printing solid waste bridge

In 2018, yingchuang construction technology (Shanghai) co., ltd. will integrate the solid waste industries of steel mills, power plants, coal chemical industry and urban construction. After scientific treatment of solid waste, recycled stone and sand will be separated and mixed into 3D printing ink. In September of the same year, yingchuang released the 3D printing construction cycle industrial park, and the world's first 3D printing solid waste bridge with integrated structure was unveiled in Shanghai.

Solid waste discharge has been a key work in steel mills, coal chemical plants, metallurgical plants and power plants. Yingchuang 3D printing construction technology absorbs the solid waste of all types of steel mills as printing ink and fills the building with aggregate. The steel slag content of this bridge exceeds 65%. At the same time, there are also waste ink printing Shared houses, janitorial rooms, ecological shoreline and other 3D printing municipal, Marine, road construction.

The 3D printing of the arch bridge takes only 4.5 hours, with a length of 9 meters and a weight of 4.6 tons. The structure is printed in an integrated way and can be lifted on site without assembly, fracture or crack. In addition, the bridge can be widened as required.

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