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Winsun 3D printing ecological coastline: Build coastal ecology and man-made wave prevention

When people think of coastlines, they think of blue waves, silver sand and fresh clams. In fact, its value goes far beyond that. According to the research, there are more than 8,000 species of Marine wetland organisms in China, making it a rare natural biological gene pool. As an ecological transition zone between land and sea, the coastline has many ecological functions such as water conservation, pollution degradation, water purification and climate regulation. The coastline is also the frontier area for the development of Marine economy, which strongly promotes the economic prosperity of coastal areas. Therefore, the protection of coastline is particularly important.

In coastal protection, we often see the word "twist king block".

Wang block structure particularity, its horizontal limb of the limb in turn 90 ° Angle and vertical intersection on both ends of the limbs, with middle short column connected into a reverse i-shaped block. As the protective layer of slope breakwater and protection engineering, it has the advantages of high and low wave climbing, good wave dissipation performance, solid block structure and not easy to damage. In the process of embankment protection, the embankment is protected by reducing the impact of waves.

Due to the special complex structure of torsion block and its huge weight, the traditional production process is more complicated.

Traditional manufacturing methods require strong steel molds. Each twist king block needs to be coated with demoulding agent, pouring concrete, waiting for the concrete to solidify, and finally manual demoulding, the process is more cumbersome and requires manpower.

Winsun 3D printing wrist-king block uses a 3D printer to print the film shell of wrist-king block and fill in the 3D printing construction ink developed by solid waste of urban construction, steel mills, power plants, coal chemical industry and other solid waste. It is free from the application of mold release agent and manual mold release procedures, saving manpower and material resources.

At the same time, coastal protection should protect coastal ecology more, that is, to realize the joint construction of coastal ecology and artificial wave prevention. For this reason, Winsun launched "ecological coastline" architectural components, which are built by three-dimensional hollow modules. With the function of water storage, the hollow module leaves holes suitable for the entry and exit of Marine organisms, so as to protect the habitat of coastal organisms while preventing and eliminating waves, thus achieving the goal of co-construction of coastal ecology and artificial wave prevention.

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