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Members of the NPC standing committee led a delegation of experts to inspect Winsun 3D printing circular industry expo park

On Oct.17th, Ms. Zhao Baige, a member of the standing committee of the National People's Congress, vice chairman of the foreign affairs committee, and chairman of the Landi international think tank expert committee of the Chinese academy of social sciences, accompanied the team of experts from Landi think tank to inspect Winsun 3D printing circular industry expo park. They held a series of discussions with the chairman of Winsun, Mr. Ma Yihe, Winsun 3D printing building research and development personnel, and researchers of Shanghai academy of architectural sciences on building standards and future application of 3D printing.

Members take a photo in Winsun 3D printing architecture expo garden

In order to promote the implementation of 3D printed building standards, Winsun has released 3D printed septic tank enterprise standards and 3D printed inspection well enterprise standards in February 2018, which is the first 3D printed construction enterprise standard in the world.

The process of Winsun 3D printing

As a global high-tech enterprise that truly realizes 3D printing architecture, Winsun integrates urban solid waste, steel plant solid waste, power plant solid waste, coal chemical solid waste, desert sand and turns solid waste into residential houses, ecological coastline, small Bridges, shared houses, landscape logo, and expressway, covering housing, road, Marine, municipal...

China academy of social sciences Landi international think tank experts point out: Winsun 3D printed building materials meet the national requirements of green, environmental protection and assembly style for building materials products, which is of great significance to the development of smart cities, the improvement of urban facilities and the enhancement of urban energy. They hope that Winsun 3D printing architecture will be put into "one belt and one road" as soon as possible to explore domestic and foreign markets.

Director Zhao Baige visited Winsun 3D printing building solid waste exhibition area

Director Zhao Baige visited Winsun 3D printing building green wall

Director Zhao Baige visited Winsun 3D printing building ecological shoreline

Director Zhao Baige visited Winsun 3D printing building solid waste bridge

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On November 24, Landi international think tank held a seminar on 3D printing technology to help "One Belt And One Road" technology industry development in Winsun Suzhou industrial park. Representatives from the government, enterprises, think tanks, scientific research institutions, financial institutions and other fields attended the conference to discuss from a diversified perspective. It is an important conference for cross-boundary communication. Qiu Baoxing, a state council counselor and former vice minister of housing and urban-rural development, pointed out at the meeting that the application of 3D printing technology in the construction field is a revolutionary technology and represents the future development trend, but at the same time, it is necessary to accelerate a series of breakthroughs in ink technology, on-site printing, standardization and new structural system.