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Here! Global first low-carbon jumbo 3D printing architecture

At this moment in Shanghai

China International Import Expo is coming

Global first low-carbon jumbo 3D printing architecture is been preparing

Located in Zhangjiang Qingpu Park


Why call it huge architecture

It is near 100,000 square meters!

Green industrial tourism sample factory!

3D printing machine is going to print on site

Guess how many tons of solid waste it used?

Guess how many fruit trees it can plant?

Guess how many kilograms of vegetables it can harvest each year?

Guess how it feeds fish without water?

Guess how it automatically irrigates the vegetables on the wall?

And guess how it saves water?

Guess how it's self-sufficient?

Guess what kind of art display platform its roof would be?

And guess how much carbon it reduces?


Why is it the world first?

Zhangjiang national independent innovation demonstration zone masterpiece!

Highlight 1: Big size

3D printing jumbo —— The total height is about 46.3 meters. There are 4 floors of workshop on the ground, each floor is 10.8 meters. There is also a garage under huge 3D printing architecture, with a total floor area of nearly 100,000 square meters. It will be the largest single 3D printed building in the world.

Highlight 2: Solid waste accounted for 73%

3D printing jumbo material environmental index —— 73% of construction materials come from the new use of solid waste, an unprecedented amount of environmentally friendly ink materials.

Highlight 3: Large crop

3D printing jumbo ecology index —— The 12-storey balcony building can plant more than 20,000 fruit trees. Moreover, the enclosure wall is designed to be capable of planting vertical greening wall, adding automatic vertical drip irrigation. Fruits and vegetables can be planted directly on the wall. The fertilizers can be recycled from the building.

Highlight 4: 100% water and electricity self-supply

3D printing jumbo green energy index —— The Windows and walls of jumbo will be equipped with a variety of solar power systems to power the building's daily electricity. In addition, the sunken rain water circulation collection square adopts the fish and green plant symbiosis system, which can be used for the construction greening and fish breeding circulation.

Highlight 5: Wanfang art park on roof

3D printing jumbo roof scenery —— Tens of thousands of square roofs are a 3D printing art display park, including 3D printing of architectural flowerbed, landscape and components…… This three-dimensional printed solid waste transformed the sky garden, the sky botanical garden, the sky fruit tree garden, the sky garden, is Yingchuang global 3D printed architecture circular industry expo.


It is the pursuit of perfection that keeps one's original heart in mind. Yingchuang global 3D printing building recycling industry expo park is a green building with sustainable development, a sample factory for industrial tourism, and will be the world's largest eco-green building with solid waste ink on site 3D printing.

WINSUN 3D Printing Circular Industry Expo Garden 


Coming to Zhangjiang Qingpu Park

Call for a green earth

No.789, Xinjin Road, Qingpu district, Shanghai

3D printing recycling industrial park

3D printing global R&D center

3D printing sample factory and recycling factory


Everything is waiting for your innovation and discovery

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