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Winsun 3D printing cycle industry Expo Park open

There is no building that cannot be printed, no city waste that cannot be digested. A world-renowned 3D printing construction technology turns the urban solid waste, industrial solid waste and life solid waste into "ink", and builds beautiful buildings.On Sep.15, 2018, Winsun 3D printing cycle industry exhibition garden was open. Yingchuang 3D printing recycling industry expo park takes the lead in implementing the global community strategy of sustainable development of recycling industry, creating a new environmental protection industry with 3D printing construction technology, and turning all kinds of solid waste recycling into 3D printing "ink" and various plastic buildings. At the press conference, representatives of the government, domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions joined hands with nearly 500 guests on the scene to launch the "Shanghai declaration on global 3D printing recycling industry community action". Since then, there has been a new landmark on the green planet -- Yingchuang recycling industry expo park.

First Batch Media reporter went on to the stone arch bridge that was printed by Yingchuang.

At No.789, Xinjin Road, Shanghai, a 3D printing stone arch bridge was appeared in Qingpu Industry Park, Shanghai.This is a 65 per cent "ink" made from solid waste, printed entirely on 3D printing machines, tested by 28t gravity (five times the weight of traditional building materials), and is comparable to the Yingchuang 3D-printed stone arch bridge.


The global vote for green earth

At the initiation ceremony, after the host read out the Shanghai declaration of global 3D printing recycling industry community action, Leaders and guests from saint-gobain Asia Pacific, AECOM, DTZ greater China, baosteel, yong steel, sha steel, baiyin nonferrous metal, huozhou coal power plant and other national steel plants, power plants, coal chemical plant, urban solid waste plant, and more than 500 business leaders, experts and designers from all over the world, jointly launched the "global 3D printing recycling industry community action Shanghai declaration" for the green earth life community by pressing the holy fingerprint, including Liu Min, mayor of Fengjing town, Jinshan district, Li Shuangquan, deputy secretary of Panzhihua eastern district government, Tan Xiaodong, director of Beijing Biaoyan science and technology development center of Landi international think tank, and Ma Yihe, chairman of Yingchuang Building Technique (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd, Wang Huan, chief digital officer of saint-gobain Asia Pacific, Wu Jiawei, senior director of AECOM greater China, Chen Kai, assistant director of DTZ strategic development consultancy, and Yi Jiachung, dean of school of architecture and art design, Xi 'an Peihua universit, Meng Zhen, general manager of Heze urban construction engineering development group Co.,Ltd; Zhang Liuyu, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Yonggang group Co.,Ltd; Song Bingquan, chairman of Gansu Tongcheng Engineering Construction Co.Ltd; Wang Shujun, party secretary and general manager of Panzhihua group engineering technology Co.,Ltd.

Ma Yihe, president of Yingchuang Building Technique ( Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

At this moment, the Shanghai declaration on global 3D printing recycling industry community action has come into force. In the future, more and more governments, businesses and institutions will join in this common action. All parties will join hands to inject new vitality into global green and sustainable development.

Host reads "global 3D printing recycling industry community action Shanghai declaration"

The declaration said: “ We are determined to deploy the innovative technology application chain of 3D printing around the recycling and recycling of urban and industrial waste resources, and around the ecological industrial chain. We will work together to transform the expected construction waste, industrial waste and mine tailings into valuable products by using the yingchuang 3D printing construction "ink" technology. Dry construction can avoid the impact of construction dust and noise, and achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection, resource regeneration, green production and environmental improvement.”

“ We are determined to further emancipate our minds, increase our sense of urgency and concern for environmental protection, boldly break all the barriers to innovation-driven development, and face global climate and environmental problems. Facing the new era and new goals, we should give full play to the potential of new technologies in 3D printing construction, activate renewable resources, and promote the role of ecological guidance, demonstration, radiating, application and driving. To create a path for high-quality and efficient construction of sustainable circular industries, and to provide green and sustainable support for the community of human life to act together.”

Guest representatives took the stage to launch the Shanghai declaration on global 3D printing recycling industry community action

It's a manifesto for a new green earth.The 3D printing construction technology has been able to easily, quickly and cost-effectively spray out difficult and expensive curved buildings and special buildings that are difficult to be built by other means. Starting from September 15, 2018, Yingchuang 3D printing recycling industry expo garden will set off a new wind of green earth and become a beautiful scenery led by Shanghai Zhangjiang Qingpu garden technology.


Green new technologies give China a head start

The success or failure of ecological environmental protection is closely related to the mode of economic development. Ma Yihe, chairman of Yingchuang Building Technique (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on "3D printing recycling industry and sustainable development" at the press conference.Chairman Ma releases new model of 3D printing recycling industry.With the layout at home and abroad, cooperate with the upstream and downstream of the 3D printing industry chain and cooperate with domestic and foreign top partners to create new industries of 3D printing intelligent manufacturing, create new intelligent manufacturing of recycling industry and turn waste into treasure and new environmental protection. Ma said green development is a fundamental necessity of "a community of Shared future for mankind". To properly handle the friendly and harmonious relationship between Jinshan Yinshan mountain and Qingshui mountain, it is necessary to use green technology to build circular industrial system and spatial pattern, and use green technology to guide the formation of green production and lifestyle. The implementation of the global community of 3D printing recycling industry is a major decision for the future. Enterprises should seize new opportunities, make new progress and move forward to a new journey, build an ecological environment "life community", change the environment with new technologies, adhere to environmental friendliness, develop new industries of environmental protection with high quality, build a new system of global ecological recycling industry of green development, and realize a more beautiful world. All sectors of society should make full use of the new 3D printing construction technology to participate in the protection of the home that human beings depend on for survival, and take a smart, green, high-quality and efficient mark of sustainable development to cope with climate change and protect the environment.

Ma Yihe made an report on “ 3D printing recycling industry and sustainable development”

From the 3D printed 10 maiden livable houses in Zhangjiang Qingpu garden to the 3D printed six-storey (including underground one) buildings of suzhou factory, to the 3D printed stone arch Bridges, mobile apartments, intelligent public toilets and other buildings today. This is the upgrading of the innovation achievements of yingchuang in the past 16 years. It is the 16 years to create the most cost-effective and unlimited facilities for China, and the 16 years to create the golden and silver mountain again with green water and green mountain. Over the past 16 years, Yingchuang has used the world's leading 3D printing intelligent manufacturing technology to create new green building technology, which has won the opportunity for China's intelligent manufacturing.

The participants jointly focused on the recycling industry of 3D printing and sustainable development, recycling of metallurgical solid waste, 3D printing design revolution and other topics, and listened to the "3D printing and digital conversion and building materials development" brought by saint-gobain. The "sustainable model of circular economy in urban development" brought by DTZ witnessed the start of global strategic cooperation between Yingchuang and saint-gobain.

Dean Yi Jiezhong, school of architecture and art design, Xi 'an Peihua university

Yi Jianzhong, dean of the school of architecture and art design of Xi 'an Peihua university, has interpreted the design revolution triggered by 3D printing technology. The President spoke highly of the scientific and environmental nature of Yingchuang 3D printing building, and called for building a bigger new world full of humanistic care with public art. He thinks Chinese people's understanding of 3D printed buildings is biased. They only see concrete buildings, just as China is currently studying new energy battery cars in the west. In fact, the whole world has already begun to drive unmanned vehicles. Moreover, Yingchuang 3D printing architecture is a representative of artificial intelligence. The more advanced significance of Yingchuang 3D printing architecture is that any structure in the world is currently destroying the earth. Yingchuang, on the other hand, is able to reuse the resources that are originally good building materials, because they are destroying our living environment. This is not only a moral issue in design and architecture, but also a practical way to save the world. At present, no one in the construction industry and industry can solve the problem of solid waste on a large scale like Yingchuang. He stressed the importance of the design-driven industry, especially the 3D printing architectural design driven industry, to establish a 3D printing architectural design center. He hopes that the 3D printing architecture technology, together with the world's best designers, creative masters and artists, will build a bigger new world with public art full of humanistic care everywhere.

Tan Xiaodong, director of Beijing Biaoyan science and technology development center (Landi international think tank quality development agency)

As environmental problems become more and more concerned, green building has become one of the standards for enterprises and the public to measure green life. The green building assessment system has also become the focus of public attention. Tan Xiaodong, director of Beijing Biao yan science and technology development center (Landi international think tank quality development organization), discusses how 3D printed buildings can achieve high-quality development in the future from the perspective of industrial standards.Tan Xiaodong said that the current social economy is facing a comprehensive transformation. In the process of the traditional real estate model's transformation to the real estate, the previous labor-intensive, technological guarantee, environmental friendliness and resource consumption are not allowed. The next step is to get closer to the circular green closed industrial chain, build a green intelligent platform and realize the standardization of green buildings. Yingchuang has been in the forefront of The Times.China is now deeply integrated into the global economic system, creating a One Belt And One Road.Building and construction materials are the top priority. Infrastructure should be given priority in terms of connectivity, financial integration, policy communication, smooth trade and people-to-people exchanges. In the future, Yingchuang flowers will be first opened along the road. 

Chen Kai, assistant director, DTZ strategic development consultancy division

Chen Kai, assistant director of DTZ's strategic development consulting division, made a speech on the "sustainable model of circular economy in urban development". He pointed out: As a 3D printing construction enterprise, yingchuang is a booster of urban sustainable circular economy.DTZ is not only exploring the industry, profit structure and social livelihood, but also exploring how to make the recycling economy of Yingchuang 3D printing play a greater role, so as to serve the society and people.

Wang Huan, chief digital officer of Saint-gobain Asia Pacific

Wang Huan, chief digital officer of saint-gobain Asia Pacific, interprets 3D printed architecture from "3D printing and digital conversion and construction development". He said: yingchuang, like saint-gobain, started with materials, and the secret to standing is innovation.Innovation is what makes the world stand out. 

Congratulations from the President of Saint-gobain Asia Pacific on video

Signing ceremony of global strategic cooperation between Yingchuang and saint-gobain

Guests from home and abroad listened carefully and witnessed the global development of Yingchuang 3D printing technology

The emergence of 3D printing architecture technology has achieved designs that traditional architecture and manufacturing cannot achieve, and greatly reduced the cost of making complex objects.Yingchuang Building Technique Co.,Ltd is the world's first high-tech enterprise to truly realize 3D printing architecture, with nearly 200 patents related to 3D printing construction technology. At present, the company already has the internationally advanced key link technologies and contents such as the 3D printing construction equipment, printing materials, construction technology and actual printing application cases of buildings, which has a leadership influence in the world. In the course of accelerating the building of an innovation-oriented country in China, China has made great progress in the development of science and technology and the transformation of industries around the world, Yingchuang 3D printing recycling industry expo park takes "low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection" as its mission, take green ecological innovation technology as the core driving force, and work together with supporters and practitioners of green earth at home and abroad and in the industry, using 3D printing construction technology to provide a complete set of solutions for green building production, taking the lead in implementing the sustainable global development community strategy for circular industry, creating new environmental protection industry, and winning the opportunity for China to create green wisdom.


Action first, try first and apply first; Applaud low-carbon practices

On the site of the Yingchuang 3D printing recycling industry expo park, guests surrounded the green buildings with beautiful and attractive features. On the scene, There are 3D printing sharing houses, 3D printing bus platform, 3D printing intelligent ecological public toilets, 3D printing houses, and 3D printing meeting rooms from Yingchuang.

Yingchuang 3D printing movable shared apartment

Yingchuang 3D printing smart bus stop ( three generation)

Yingchaung 3D printing livable bubble house and daily up house

Ma Yihe invited guests to experience the Yingchuang intelligent eco-toilet of 3D printing

Yingchuang 3D printing architecture adopts the "4+1" model of recycling industry. "4" refers to the solid waste of steel mills, power plants, coal chemical industry and cities. "1" refers to desert sand. The emergence of new technologies of 3D printing architecture can not only fully solve the problem of solid waste, but also turn waste into treasures and usher in a new era of environmental protection. These most representative and influential architectural application cases of Yingchuang 3D, which gather visual impact, are bound to bring a new round of brainstorming to participants.

Yingchuang 3D printing green planting sound barrier on the highway around the city of Suzhou

Yingchuang 3D printing breakwater twister

Yingchuang 3D printing retaining walls and double-sided planting green walls

Yingchuang 3D printing door guard room and door stand

Yingchuang 3D printing noise reduction wall

Yingchuang 3D printing floor permeable brick

Yingchuang 3D ecological shoreline

Yingchuang 3D printing branch concrete frame slope protection

Yingchuang 3D printing inspection shaft

At the same time, I remember that in 2015, zhangjiang qingpu garden first embraced the innovative technology of 3D printing, and made Yingchuang's debut -- the first 10 3D printing buildings in the world to be located in Zhangjiang Qingpu Garden. the dubai government listed 3D printing construction technology as high-end green manufacturing technology, and the world's first yingchuang 3D printing office arrived in dubai from China. The dubai government has listed 3D printing construction technology as high-end green manufacturing technology.The world's first Yingchuang 3D printing office has been shipped to Dubai from China .Zhejiang Jiayuan real estate group Co.,Ltd is the first to apply 3D printing construction technology in China, and opens a new era of green intelligent manufacturing in the real estate industry in its real estate project in the British city.The world's first 3d-printed bus stations have been put into use in the countryside at jinshan, Shanghai, adding a new technological and green landscape to the beautiful countryside......

Ying chuang chairman Ma Yihe introduced the world's first 3D printing viaduct

These applications prove that the 3D printing construction technology has been able to easily, quickly and cheaply create curvilinear buildings with high construction difficulty and cost and build special building in other ways. It has also been shown that 3D printing construction technology can help people quickly achieve a low-carbon life. At present, the quantity of building solid waste in China has accounted for 30%-40% of the total urban solid waste. Most of the solid waste of buildings, without any treatment, is transported to the outskirts or villages by the construction unit, and treated by open air piling or landfill, which consumes a large amount of land fees and construction funds such as cleaning and transportation. At the same time, in the process of cleaning and stacking, such problems as the spreading of dust, ash and sand, cause serious environmental pollution.3D printing construction technology takes full advantage of these solid wastes and turns them into beautiful landscapes, such as green walls, to reduce environmental pollution.

Winsun 3D printing cycle industry Expo Park open

Green environmental protection is a new trend of The Times. In order to revitalize the countryside, benefit the people project, sponge city construction because of the ecology becomes more beautiful, let the coastline, the river bank line, the transportation and the electric power facility construction become more attractive because of the science and technology, the large-scale application of construction technology of yingchuang 3D printing will set off the largest "life community" defense war in history.

Yingchuang 3D printing LOGO on the front door of recycling industry expo

The great new cause of ecological environmental protection is imminent, and the implementation of the global 3D printing recycling industry community action is a major decision to win the future. Enterprises should seize new opportunities to create an ecological environment "life community"; Realize new leap, change environment with new technology insist on environment friendly. Towards a new journey, build a green development of the global ecological recycling industry system to achieve a more beautiful world. At the same time, all sectors of society make full use of the new 3D printing construction technology to participate in protecting the homeland that human beings rely on for survival, and respond to climate change and protect the environment with a smart, green, high-quality and efficient mark of sustainable development. 

Yingchuang 3D printing art parterre

This may be the significance of "Yingchuang 3D printing recycling industry expo park", which can promote various green products to be first tried, first applied and become a new landmark of the new environmental protection industry.

Background information on the significant advantages of 3D printing construction technology

3D printed architecture has three advantages over traditional architecture. First, the 3D printing building does not require a large number of construction teams and tedious and time-consuming template support and disassembly, and the efficient spray-built integrated construction effectively improves the production efficiency. Second, the raw materials to generate 3D printing architectural "ink" can be taken from construction prediction, industrial waste and mine tailings, so as to turn waste into treasures. Thirdly, the construction technology of 3D printing can avoid the impact of construction dust and noise by adopting dry construction, achieving the goals of energy conservation, environmental protection, resource regeneration and environmental improvement.

3D printing technology was rated as "top of the ten technologies that will change the world in the future". Currently, China Yingchuang has the internationally leading key technologies and contents of 3D printing construction equipment, printing materials, construction techniques and practical application cases of buildings.This means that Yingchuang has stood on the leading edge of technology application, and they are also actively cultivating and developing the global 3D printing recycling industry community, creating new market demand and development space, and striving to become a scientific and technological innovation carrier that has a supporting role and an important influence on the world, the country and the city. Yingchuang believes that it is the sacred mission of The Times to take the lead in implementing the joint development strategy of sustainable green engineering.

As environmental problems become more and more concerned, green building has become one of the standards for enterprises and the public to measure green life.Green building assessment system is also the focus of public attention.The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Building Rating System, designed by the American architecture council in 1955, is by far the most mature and influential international certification system. The content covers multiple dimensions such as new building, building operation management, commercial interior decoration, co-development between owners and tenants, residential planning evaluation and community planning and development. The 3D printed building of Yingchuang conforms to many standards of LEED, and its raw materials are from solid waste treatment. Such green building urgently needs to be promoted to all sectors of society.

What's more, yechuang architecture has devoted itself to the research and development of 3D printing technology for 16 years, becoming the leader in realizing intelligent 3D printing architecture.Through the development of new materials for building renewable resources and the automation of production, its 3D printing technology not only improves the progress, saves space, forms quickly, but also reduces the production cost, providing a solution with obvious competitive advantages for green building production.

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Urban areas and resources are limited, but people's demand for urban resources is infinite. How to solve this contradiction is that resources must be recycled. The same is true of construction waste. Recycling and utilization of construction waste refers to the use of equipment to crush and screen the demolished bricks, concrete blocks, cement blocks and other garbage and make them into building materials for road and house construction.