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Wuhan Metro Line 8: A perfect combination of art and Winsun 3D printing architecture technology

Wuhan Metro line 8 has opened its operation for one months. In the hustle and bustle, have you ever stopped for a moment at Xujiapeng station to sign this perfect combination of art and technology?

At Xujiapeng station, 60 meters art walls and art pillars painted with striking reed is full of vitality and modern sense of technology, equipped with the effect of “ urban forest ”, as if you are in the nature.

Winsun 3D printing architecture applied in Xujiapeng Art Pillars

Taking reed marshes as design inspiration that has Wuhan characteristics, Metro line 8 gives you a visual enjoyment by using art method.

Winsun 3D printing architecture applied in Xujiapeng Art Pillars

What is unknown is that it is also a technology site containing 3D printing architecture technology. In order to realize the design concepts of Xujiapeng, the art pillars should be closer to nature. It is reported that Xujiapeng station has 571 meter long, 20 to 68 meter wide and 10 meter high, which is the highest platform of Wuhan subway at present. Because its high construction difficulty coefficient, it has introduced Winsun 3D printing architecture technology. Compared with the traditional way of construction, Yingchuang 3D printing architecture technology needs no modeling and has low cost, which can meet the personalized requirements of Xujiapeng design and construction.

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