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【News Valley】AECOM “bootcamp” is coming. 53 designers gather in Winsun to design 3D printing’s future building

People are looking forward to the future. What will the future city look like? What will the community look like? Especially what will the future house look like? Are future buildings movable or can it be raised or lowered? On October 28, 2017, AECOM, a global famous design and construction company, gathered  professional and talented designers from around the world to come to Suzhou Winsun factory to design future’s architecture, which brings new vitality to future architectural design.

From the opening of “bootcamp”on October 28, to the design achievement published in November 4, 53 designers of “bootcamp”(including 7 students from famous universities) were divided into 7 groups to visit 3D printing architecture factory, watch 3D printing architecture case on site, listen to the technique explanation by president Ma Yihe, conduct 3D printing architecture brainstorm, form three 3D printing architecture design achievements and promote the achievements put into practice by 3D printing architecture technology in 3D printing architecture “ink” R&D center of Yingchuang Building Architecture Technique (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd (Winsun) in Suzhou, China.

3D printing architecture - “Bootcamp”

Time: 2017.10.28-2017.11.04

Address: China Suzhou Winsun Factory

AECOM-WINSUN week news

1. 10.28- “Bootcamp”opening / 7 groups of 53 students ( including 7 students from domestic famous university)

2. 10.29- Visit Winsun factory / Thesis seminar

3. 10.30 - Preliminary founding and suggestions / Vision and design direction

4. 10.31- concept operation / design scheme deepening

5. 11.01- Team work deepening / Medium-term collection

6.11.02- Design scheme deepening / Results making

7.11.03- Group rehearsals / Results deepening

8.11.04- Achievement published / “Bootcamp”closing

Quansheng QIAO, president of AECOM Asia gave a speech on the opening of “bootcamp”

In the opening of “bootcamp”, Qiao Quansheng said that The change of the city gives the engineering design company the new design research direction of environment, ecology and technology application. 53 design elites of this bootcamp comes from AECOM offices in greater China, senior designers from offices of The United States, Europe, the Middle East as well as excellent student representatives from Tsinghua university, Tongji university and South China university of technology. AECOM not only conducts internal collaborative innovation, but also goes out and conducts external innovation collaboration.

Quansheng QIAO, president of AECOM Asia District, received interview

Qiao Quansheng said 3D printing architecture makes us excited. Designers will try to design new products using 3D printing architecture technology equipment by operating their own professional knowledge and technology, in the guidance of AECOM senior experts and Winsun technique inventor, according to specific project and achievement requirements, through teamwork and professional coordination. 3 Achievements will be put into practice in China.

Yihe MA, founder of Winsun, gave a speech in the opening of “bootcamp”

Ma said we will not forget what we want in the beginning and firmly keep our mission in mind, as national president Xi said in 19th National Congress. Winsun’s mission is to make the sky bluer, water cleaner, mountain greener and world more beautiful by developing 3D printing architecture technology. Winsun has achieved to print interior and exterior decoration integrated building with a 3D printing architecture equipment, achieved a ecological architecture production manufacturing method without mining, environmental damage, construction waste, construction dust and construction noise.

Guests attended opening wine party of bootcamp

President Ma said the green ecological concept of Winsun is same with AECOM design concept. AECOM is designing a shorter and more environmentally friendly integrated architecture environment for global customers. AECOM is also committed to promoting the global application of 3D printing technology in architectural design and construction. So AECOM is driving the future of architecture, a futuristic building that is printed in 3D. 3D printing of building technology allows construction workers to no longer work in the open air, only to press a button to control 3D printed building equipment. This future building case has been first implemented in China. With 3D printing technology, Winsun has printed global first 1,100 square meters interior and exterior decoration villa, first 5+1 floor lab building, first removable Dubai office... 3D printing technology is widely used in construction, landscape, transportation, hydraulic engineering and city.

Designers of “bootcamp”made communication with each other in the opening wine party

In the past, a design needs 3 to 6 months to be finished. Now, it only takes 7 days in “bootcamp”, which not only a test of the ability of individual design and the combination of temporary teams, but also the challenge to the practical application of 3D printing architecture. 3 Achievements of this “bootcamp” will be the benchmark for the future construction industry. The first is “1 square kilometer industry future community design”, which will be put into practice in 30 cities across the country; The second is “3D printing architecture global R&D center construction plan design”, which will be achieved in Qingpu district, Zhangjiang, Shanghai; The third is “ the design of the upstream and downstream products of 3D printing construction technology ”, which will enter people’s daily life.

“Bootcamp” opening on site

It is understood that AECOM has held a number of "bootcamps" focused training activities around the world. But it is first time for AECOM to fight for actual application results and come to China to challenge 3D printing architecture new technology design practical application. Li Liren, deputy president of AECOM Asia planning and design director, said in a interview that “ AECOM has applied 3D printing technology in the past. But it is just building components. We hope to realize 3D printing architecture applied in the whole building by working with Winsun. At the same time, the development and application of Winsun eco-environmental protection construction ink materials is also an important reason to attract AECOM cooperation. It can be said that AECOM accelerates the application of 3D printing architecture in the construction design and construction by the form of “bootcamp”.

3D printing architecture design achievements on this“bootcamp”will break the limitation of original construction technique and worker’s craftsmanship and create a new form of architecture and effective construction method combined model and complex modelling design. Designers are looking forward to accelerate the future application of 3D printing architecture technology by applying Winsun 3D printing architecture eco-environmental ink technology and the design of intelligent equipment technology. Only in this way can we completely change the way construction workers build houses in the open air and create future buildings that are less energy-consuming, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient.

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